Welcome to Slasherton.com!

Hey all you Slashertonites….er…Slashertonions….er….we will figure that out soon, I promise. This is the place to find all the info on our creepy little bastards, the Slashers of Slasherton! Our first book in the Slasherton series, Sack, is already out and available now at amazon by clicking here! As of the time of this posting, its on sale for around $7 which is about $3 off so jump on that!

We would like your feedback to what you would like to see on this site. We will be doing character and location profiles and previews of the new books coming soon (like Stitch that I just uploaded to the printer today!) but we would like to know what you want out of your little buggers! Maybe pages of the characters that you can print out and color? Maybe videos of how we make each book? Maybe a swift kick to the…..

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Anyhow, this site is under construction as we move all our inhabitants into it so pardon the mess. In fact, once they get here, it will be worse. :-/

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