So it turns out this guy who has been hiding in all these shots out of Slasherton is none other than Stealth! Stealth is a voyeur / assassin who roams the streets of Slasherton and picks up extra money either spying on people or killing them quietly. He is fast, he is deadly and he is…well…Stealth. His book comes out on August 13th so be sure to pick it up! Here is a early preview from it!

Pg6 (1)


There have been reports around Slasherton about a man lurking in the background, peeping through windows, stalking people on the streets, being in the bathroom with them. We have to find out who this pervert is and fast! Keep your eyes peeled for a man with no face wearing teddy bear slippers. I know how it sounds. Here is a shot of him we caught on camera.



You can try to find him too in Sack, the first book of the Slasherton series by clicking HERE!

If anymore details come up, you will be the first to know!

UPDATE! 7-18-2013

This weirdo has been spotted yet again near a restroom in Slasherton! Check the security camera footage below!



You too can see him here in Stitch: Slasherton Book 2 availble on amazon now by clicking HERE!

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