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Slasherton Slash Pack!!!

Holy meatballs little slashers! You can now get the first 5 ebooks in one bundle! The Slasherton Slash Pack has Sack, Stitch, Stealth, Origins,...
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That’s right my little slashers! Sack is back but this time in DRAG! Oh La La! Claw wants him to infiltrate a secret meeting...
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Get Slasherton Origins FREE!!!!

That’s right Slashertononions (?) you can get the ebook SLasherton Origins FREE now through wednesday by clicking here!
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Slasherton Origins Coming Friday the 13th!!!

Thats right Slasherino’s! Slasherton Origins will hit Amazon on September 13th!
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I know Stealth is Sneaky but come on!

If you didn’t get Stealth yet, its not your fault! He is Sneaky as shit! We made it easier for you. Just click here...
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Now You Can Play With Your Little Sack ANYWHERE!

You can get the first of our little figures RIGHT NOW! Zoe Humphries, made these super cool resin figures. THey are all one of...
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Podcast 451 is LIVE

  Watch the first 2 episodes of Creep & Zoe’s new show Podcast 451 on the Creepersin channel on youtube by clicking HERE! New episodes...

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“The idea of this series is fantastic! Managing to bring together your childhood and adulthood in one book isn’t something I’ve seen in a...